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Royal Guard Protection is made from the multi-layered Thermoplastic Polyurethene delivering a 100% clear vision with bright and original appearance.


The film coating comes with self healing function to protect against accidental scratches, stain and ultraviolet radiation. 

Installation is effortless and easy. 

It takes only 30min to complete the job.


With the nano process technology we assure to safeguard your watch to preserve its value to next generation.


Step 1

Gently clean the  watch surface with alcohol wipe or use a screen cleaning wipe. Make sure the surface is free from dirt. 

Step 2

To install, gently remove a piece of watch protection film  with the tweezer and dip in water solution (mix a drop of dish washing liquid in 100ml of water) 

Step 3

Place the film over the watch until it is perfectly aligned with the corresponding watch component.

Gently wipe the excess water trapped under the film with the microfiber towel provided. Please DO NOT USE your nail to push against the film. Wait for one minute for the film to achieve complete adhesion.


Do a final check on the film placement. Repeat steps above for remaining films.  

Any residue moisture under the film will dissipate within 12 hours.

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