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Why Royal Guard

Royal Guard is aiming to be the leader in scratch resistance for watches by offering exceptional class materials, craftsmanship and service. Our protection films ranges from Rolex to Audemars Piguet and more. It is our mission to preserve the best condition of your watch.


Integrity, innovation and perfection. With our persistent passion and philosophy here in Royal Guard, we promise to deliver a rich and excellent experience.


Self Healing

Despite the hardship and efforts on developing a self-healing film, Royal Guard has discovered a protection film with high self-healing potential. Our films has proven to be able to withstand and mellows out minor damage and scratches, yet, without sacrificing the precision, flexibility and transparency of the film, retaining the clarity of the glass.


High Resistance

No matter the weather or harsh conditions, Royal Guard films promises high levels of resistance towards scratches. Up on the mountain or down in the ocean, our film is tested to be water and heat resistant, making sure it will not fall off easily. Giving you a free of mind, without having to worry about bringing your watch to a pool or having it out on the sun.

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